We are changing the game to wearables and consumer markets
Each body part
tells a different story
Each body part is a source of vital information about a person’s condition. We develop specifically-targeted wearable technologies which explore human biomechanics information to improve performance, health and well-being. We provide unique real-time guidance and smart possibilities to manage people’s mobility and activities.
Real-Time Movement Analysis
Kinematix develops and manufactures wearable and electronic solutions to improve performance, solve sports injuries, musculoskeletal disorders (stroke, osteoarthritis), post-surgery recovery and other orthopedic problems. Our devices use advanced inertial and pressure sensing technologies, sophisticated firmware and software analytics to measure and report real-time valuable information through wireless communication.
Committed, Connected, Your Partner
Kinematix has 4 international patents issued and secured partnerships with several international R&D organizations such as CLARHC (UK), U. of Sheffield (UK), INESC TEC (Portugal), U. of Porto (Portugal), U. of Maastricht (Netherlands), U. of Ghent (Belgium), Academic medical centers in Massachusetts (Harvard affiliates), and IEE, a global leader of sensing technologies (Luxembourg).
making sense of body dynamics
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