For Those Who Run

Makes visible the often invisible – your feet’s behavior on the ground, making you aware of what to do to run better.

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How do you run?

TUNE connects with you the moment you start running. It gathers your form and your GPS data for every run. Further, in the cloud, TUNE combines it with your runner profile to build your personalized Running Plan that fits your technical needs. TUNE provides the support you need to run better and with more consistent results.

Qualitative knowledge to run smarter

Runners often have imbalances that are the source of physical problems. If detected in time, most of them can be easily corrected with proper training. TUNE monitors both feet in-shoe and detects asymmetries. Prevent injuries and run better with TUNE on your feet.

The runner controls the agenda

Nowadays all of us are very busy, so practicing a sport has became a challenge for everybody. TUNE’s Running Plan takes your time constraints into consideration and instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, it offers you the technical guidance with plans that can be performed whenever it is convenient for you.  Your plan changes as you evolve as a runner and gives you control to run at your best.

The perfect coaching companion

If you are a coach, TUNE helps you stay connected with your runners even when they are running out of your sight. Remotely or face-to-face, TUNE enhances your training recommendations to all your athletes through the FREE Coach Dashboard and Analysis tool. Increase your productivity and the level of support you give to your runners.

Build your running profile over time and track your progress with TUNE

Your personalized Running Plan

Running Plan that suits you

TUNE algorithms incorporate the best running and coaching knowledge to dynamically build your personalized Running Plan. It includes exercises grouped in categories:

core, foot/leg, thigh, plyometric, reaction, technique and symmetry.

We don't believe in "one-size-fits-all"

Each one of us has particular physical and running characteristics. No athlete, male or female, is equal. TUNE detects those unique factors to build a personalized Running Plan which optimizes running form.

Performance and form in real running environments

TUNE is the first system on the market that combines performance and form in real running environments, allowing you to understand what to do to keep evolving.

Try the TUNE app

The app receives information from the TUNE devices and combines it with personal data to provide unique insights (GPS Parameters, Form Parameters, General Report, Form Report) and boost your running form evolution.

Your TUNE experience


Running Data collected by TUNE

  • Performance (GPS): distance, time, pace, speed, running itinerary
  • Form: heel-striking steps, symmetry, heel/ground contact time, cadence

Personalized Running Plan 

Built by TUNE combining the Personal Profile with the Running data


Well fitted to run better, with less injuries

This continuous process will ultimately unlock the athletes full potential

Our Partners

IEE has been our partner since 2008. They are a Luxembourg-based innovative developer of specialized sensing systems, who develops and produces the most robust, reliable and long-lasting sensor-equipped insoles on the market, and has custom-designed a version for TUNE.

Run4Excellence is a Portuguese non-profit organization that helps top runners evolve, educates young coaches and develops new knowledge about running to benefit the whole community. Their excellent knowledge is incorporated on TUNE and they are testing it intensively.

Real-time movement analysis