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    Episode 03: The feet run
    What's going on here? Vanessa Fernandes, Licínio Pimentel and Rui Pinto are upside down? They are not going to run on their hands, are they? The feet are the actual body parts that run! Stay tuned!
  • 19
    Episode 02: How do you run?
    Each and every one of you is unique! Knowing how you run will help us find the individualized training plan for each and every one of you. Stay tuned!
  • 12
    Episode 01: Running well is smart, isn't it ?
    Why do you run? To compete with others or with yourself or just to have fun? And how do you run? Never thought of that? Maybe you should! Stay tuned!
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    We work hard, we play hard!
    Why is Kinematix running with the Portuguese champions, Rui Pinto, Licínio Pimentel, José Moreira and Vanessa Fernandes? To make you run smarter! How? Just watch. Stay tuned!
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    We work hard, and then we work harder!
    At Kinematix, moving better makes sense! We have a dream, we work hard! Engineers, researchers, designers, programmers, doctors, technicians, marketing, communication expertise, economists and translators, are all fine-tuning our knowledge so you’ll run smarter.
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    Kinematix is all about movement!