Knowledge From Body Movement

Our gained knowledge within the healthcare market helps us
develop breakthrough consumer products.

It’s amazing what our senses can extract from movement and body language. Our wearable devices extract that information, interpret it and create value with it. This is knowledge to empower people’s lives, similar to the one got by our natural senses and rationality.


Chief Executive Officer

This crew turns dreams into reality.

Meet the folks that designed TUNE, a vibrant wearable that
helps you to use your feet efficiently when running!

Mónica Pedro

Financial Controller

Maria Silva

Industrial Designer

António Lopes

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Ledo

Production Manager & Product Developer

Valerie Laporte

Sales & Marketing

Ricardo Moreira

Product Developer - Software

Simão Varela

Product Developer - Hardware

Cristina Alves

Marketing Communications

Hugo Saraiva

Graphic Designer

Inês Faria

Design Manager

Rui Lima

Web Designer

Roland Van Der Hout

Marketing Consultant

Jorge Pinto

Chief Development Officer

Sara Mendes

Marketing Communications

Vasco Vasconcelos

European Marketing & Sales Manager

Sofia Domingues

Product Developer - Software

Fabiana Ferreira

Administrative Assistant

Sonia Fernandes

Happy Customer Support

Angela Simões

PR & Communications

David Clemente

Product Developer - Software

Miguel Velhote

R&D Project Manager

Luciano Sousa

Product Developer - Hardware

Joana Silva

Product Developer - Software

Miguel Oliveira

Chief Scientific Officer

Carlos Monteiro

Production Operator

João Silva

Product Developer - Software

Rúben Dias

Product Developer - Hardware

Samuel Matos

Chief Technical Officer

Diogo Santos

Product Developer - Software

Gabriel Alves

Production Controller

Ana Maio

Web Designer

Tiago Paiva

Product Developer - Software

Make your life better. Every day.

Movement is as essential as breathing in our lives, but we aren’t always really conscious of that, not until we are affected by problems. For years we have been creating devices to get information from movement, to improve human biomechanics. For us, moving better makes sense!


Stay TUNEd

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